What our users say.

” Over the course of a day, we heard from therapists (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation physicians, transport agents) and patients at the Rehazenter (National Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). They share their long experience of Wheeleo®️. “
National Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Rehazenter patients and therapists

What our users say.

” Let me introduce you to my Wheeleo® as my “dog”. It’s impeccable and goes with me wherever I go. Let me show you why I can’t part with him. Look, I’ll go with him to the window. I can open the curtains and I can open the window, all without losing my balance. I’m doing really well, thanks to my Wheeleo®! I can move around whenever I want and I can’t imagine my life without it. I couldn’t even get to my wheelchair without the Wheeleo®. “
Mrs. C.
93 years
Active Senior

What our users say.

” I feel safer using the Wheeleo® than I do with an ordinary four-legged cane. You might think that an object with wheels would seem more complicated to handle. But that’s not the case. It’s like a third arm that we don’t have, which is stable and really allows us to steer and have that stability and mobility that we lack. Tomorrow I’m going home for the first time, and I feel much safer knowing I’ve got the Wheeleo® with me. “
Vincent D.
37 years
Revalidation after a stroke

What our users say.

” The Wheeleo® is different from a wheeled walker or cane, as it gives patients a free hand to pick up and move objects in their daily activities. I advise occupational therapists to use the Wheeleo® to make their patients more independent in all their movements. “
Mrs. Alexia Wauthia
Occupational therapist manager at CHNW Lennox

What our users say.

” One of the greatest advantages of Wheeleo® is its safety. Yesterday, a patient switched from an ordinary cane to Wheeleo®. This has considerably reduced the feeling of imbalance and therefore the number of falls. The stability of the Wheeleo® makes all the difference, as I notice at every consultation. The Wheeleo®’s maneuverability and portability are also major advantages over a rollator. “
Prof. Dr. Anne Frédérick
Neurologist. General and Medical Director of CHNW Lennox.

Read our testimonials

Active seniors, rehabilitation patients, healthcare professionals?
Read the testimonials of those for whom the Wheeleo has changed their daily lives.

Céline W., living with MS

Mrs C., senior

Yvette VB, comparison Wheeleo® VS rollator

Mimi N., 2 knee replacements and one hip replacement

Cerebral Palsy

The walking aid designed for active seniors.

The walking aid designed for multiple sclerosis.

The walking aid designed for those who want to maintain their independence.

The Wheeleo®️ is adapted to a multitude of needs, from degenerative neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and neuropathy, to muscular disorders such as myopathy, orthopedic disorders such as osteoarthritis or the need for a prosthesis, whatever the age of the user.

The Wheeleo®️ is also ideal for senior citizens facing their first walking difficulties.

The perfect tool for rehabilitation to improve your autonomy.

The Wheeleo®️ is ideally suited to a variety of rehabilitation needs, from stroke recovery to knee and hip replacement adaptation, cerebral palsy management, cancer support and much more.

Find out more about how Wheeleo® improves mobility and facilitates movement during rehabilitation.

Vincent Dudant – Stroke victim

Mr F., suffering from hemiplegia

Mrs Bovy, hemiplegic

Mr B., rehabilitation of hemiplegia

Achille, 23, …

Mr Bob B., a stroll in Josaphat Park

Olivier d’Arripe, executive neuropsychologist CHWNL

Alexia Wauthia, Occupational Therapy Manager CHWNL

Caroline Socquet, CUSL physiotherapist

Olivier Loiseau, physiotherapist CUSL

Dr Frédérick, neurologist, medical director CHNWL

Wheeleo: the experience of Antoine Zaczyk, physiotherapist

Expert testimonials

Find out what healthcare professionals and medical specialists have to say about Wheeleo®️. Get a glimpse of what they think of our product and its impact on their patients’ mobility and well-being.

What the press thinks

Wheeleo®️, a newcomer among mobility aids

“Dreamt up by a Belgian physiotherapist a few years ago, the medical device is now ‘ripe’ for a place in this equipment range.”

– Le Soir Eco

What the press thinks

Wheeleo®️, the Belgian one-hand walker

Long held back by the Covid crisis and its effects on healthcare circles, start-up InnoRehab has been on the move again for the past year.
InnoRehab, the start-up that developed the Wheeleo®, has closed a new round of financing. The conditions are ripe for an increase in sales, particularly in Flanders and France.

– La Libre

What the press thinks

Wheeleo®️: the first one-hand walker! Our opinion

A new walking aid made in Belgium, Wheeleo® is the first walker that can be used with just one hand. Designed by physiotherapists and brought to market in 2018, it was perfected in 2020. Wheeleo® provides constant support without having to be lifted, all in a compact footprint. Depending on your physical abilities and the environment in which you live, it can be the perfect compromise between a cane and a walker.

– avis-deambulateur.fr

What the press thinks

Here are the nine start-ups that will be accelerating at the "Reaktor".

Skwiz, InnoRehab, HeatMe, Little Guest, Kopilot, Pluriell, Digital Meeting, SeekandCare and BE Blockchain make up the cast of this 4th edition of Engine’s accelerator program. It kicks off this week in Charleroi.

– La Libre

What the press thinks

Benefits and limitations of Wheeleo®️ in neurological rehabilitation

Let’s take a closer look at Wheeleo®️, an innovative one-handed mobility aid that doesn’t need to be lifted to be moved.

– Axxon

What the press thinks

The "rolling cane" Wheeleo®️, an innovative revalidation tool

The “cane” designed by Geoffroy Dellicour (Ottignies) won the “Coup de Coeur du Public” award at a Walloon innovation show. Six years ago, Geoffroy Dellicour, then head of the physiotherapy department at the William Lennox Neurological Hospital in Ottignies, put wheels on a quadripod cane…

– L’Avenir

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