Manon Sanchez and Super Lexie Handichien

The Wheeleo®️ allows me to walk with the support I need.

It may seem trivial, but before I started walking with Wheeleo®️, my hands were always tied to two canes or a walker… which prevented me from holding my phone, an object I needed to carry from one room to another, or my service dog Lexie’s leash.

What’s more, with my cerebral palsy, as soon as I get tired, my balance becomes more precarious. My sensory problems increase, giving me the impression of losing my balance… During these periods, I can continue to use my Wheeleo®️.

Because it’s so compact, I use it with my hand free near furniture or walls. This super technical aid adapts to my fluctuating shape.

With my wheeleo®️ I notice that :

  • My steps are smoother and require less effort
  • I lean less on my helper and therefore lean less forward.
  • I’m less arched.
  • My legs are less tight.

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