You have received your Wheeleo® trial by courier. It is packaged in a cardboard box. In order to be able to use this box again to return the trial Wheeleo®, it is important that it remains in good condition. Follow the instructions below for smooth unpacking. To repack the Wheeleo® for return, follow the instructions in reverse.



Wheeleo maintenance

To maintain optimum use of Wheeleo® over the long term, it is important to pay attention to a few points:

  • Free rotation of the wheels and their structure
  • Fixing the castors to the Wheeleo® structure.

Free rotation of the wheels and their structure:

  • Wheels must turn easily
  • Castors must rotate 360° without resistance.

Dust, hair and dirt can prevent ball bearings from operating properly. We recommend regular cleaning of ball bearings using a cloth, a small brush or compressed air (PC dusting spray). Once the bearings have been thoroughly cleaned, they should be lubricated with a universal lubricant (e.g. WD-40).

This procedure should be carried out regularly, and as soon as the Wheeleo® no longer seems as easy to move as usual.

As a reminder, it is not recommended to use the Wheeleo® in environments such as water, sand, dirt, grass, gravel, etc. This increases the frequency of maintenance and can damage the Wheeleo® more quickly. Sand and water should be avoided.

Attaching the castors to the Wheeleo® structure.

The castors are screwed into the structure with a threaded rod, so that they can be replaced in the event of advanced wear or defects. It is important to check regularly that the castors are correctly screwed to the ends of the Wheeleo® feet. This check should be carried out more regularly if the Wheeleo® is used on surfaces which generate vibrations.

If the castors are loose, they must be tightened clockwise with a 14 mm wrench (see video). To limit the impact of vibration on thread tightening, it is advisable to apply threadlocker (e.g. Loctite 243) to the entire thread of the caster’s threaded spindle before screwing (see video).

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