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You’ve discovered Wheeleo® and you’re thinking of stocking it in your store, but you’d like to know more?

Why become a Wheeleo®️ dealer?

Becoming a Wheeleo®️ reseller offers a number of advantages, including access to a innovative and sought-after product, an opportunity to diversify your offering, an increase in sales thanks to a new target clientele, as well as personalized support and assistance from us to help you promote and sell our products.

Watch out!

The dealer application form is intended for dealers, bandagists, pharmacies, distributors and importers!



Wheeleo® joint presentation

Joint presentation of Wheeleo® at your customers' sites (Ehpad, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, etc.). A Wheeleo® expert accompanies you by videoconference to present the system and explain its benefits.

Provision of marketing materials

Marketing material to help you promote Wheeleo® (posters, flyers, video presentations, comparison videos, templates for social networking publications, etc.).

Listed on our dealer map

Your point of sale is listed on the Wheeleo® dealer map. All requests for information and tests in the region are forwarded to you.


*Wheeleo®️ reserves the right to terminate the partnership in the event of non-compliance with these conditions.


The sales outlet has at least 1 Wheeleo® in store in order to be able to respond quickly to a request and carry out tests in-store and/or in institutions (hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc.).

Wheeleo® training

Your team of advisors should have undergone a mini-training course on Wheeleo®️ to be able to present it and convince your customers of its benefits.

Brand alignment

You agree to comply with the brand's positioning and wording/argument as set out on

Obtaining commercial terms

You’ve discovered Wheeleo® and are considering stocking it in your store, but you’d like to know more. Fill in this form and our sales team will contact you to answer your questions and send you the 2024 sales conditions.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Go to the “Become a reseller” page. Fill in the contact form and our sales team will contact you shortly.

Go to the “Become a reseller” page. Fill in the contact form and our sales team will contact you shortly.

We organize online training courses for your sales teams, with powerpoint support, videos, sales pitches, etc. Contact us via this form.

We provide our reseller partners with a “Communication Kit” containing our logos, images, photos, powerpoint presentations, sales pitches, etc.

We’re sharing a powerpoint presentation that you can re-use via the “Communication Kit”. Our physiotherapist and Wheeleo®️ designer is available to accompany you online to present Wheeleo®️ before a test period, for example.

Test the Wheeleo®

Please fill in this short form so that we can contact you to arrange a test.