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Wheeleo®️, a newcomer among mobility aids

“Dreamt up by a Belgian physiotherapist a few years ago, the medical device is now ‘ripe’ for a place in this equipment range.”

– Le Soir Eco
Article Le Soir Eco

Wheeleo®️, the Belgian one-hand walker

Long held back by the Covid crisis and its effects on healthcare circles, start-up InnoRehab has been on the move again for the past year.
InnoRehab, the start-up that developed the Wheeleo®, has closed a new round of financing. The conditions are ripe for an increase in sales, particularly in Flanders and France.

– La Libre

Wheeleo®️: the first one-hand walker! Our opinion

A new walking aid made in Belgium, Wheeleo® is the first walker that can be used with just one hand. Designed by physiotherapists and brought to market in 2018, it was perfected in 2020. Wheeleo® provides constant support without having to be lifted, all in a compact footprint. Depending on your physical abilities and the environment in which you live, it can be the perfect compromise between a cane and a walker.


Here are the nine start-ups that will be accelerating at the "Reaktor".

Skwiz, InnoRehab, HeatMe, Little Guest, Kopilot, Pluriell, Digital Meeting, SeekandCare and BE Blockchain make up the cast of this 4th edition of Engine’s accelerator program. It kicks off this week in Charleroi.

– La Libre

Benefits and limitations of Wheeleo®️ in neurological rehabilitation

Let’s take a closer look at Wheeleo®️, an innovative one-handed mobility aid that doesn’t need to be lifted to be moved.

– Axxon

The "rolling cane" Wheeleo®️, an innovative revalidation tool

The “cane” designed by Geoffroy Dellicour (Ottignies) won the “Coup de Coeur du Public” award at a Walloon innovation show. Six years ago, Geoffroy Dellicour, then head of the physiotherapy department at the William Lennox Neurological Hospital in Ottignies, put wheels on a quadripod cane…

– L’Avenir

Wheeleo®️ - The revolutionized "cane

At the last Rééduca trade show, Geoffroy Dellicour surprised everyone by winning one of the 3 innovation awards for his rolling cane. A simple but ingenious idea that promotes revalidation and autonomy for hemiplegic patients.

– KinéActu

Wheeleo®, the public's favorite innovation

Wheeleo®, a new walking assistance solution.

The Wheeleo®️ is a quadruped cane with wheels that combines the advantages of a rollator and a simple cane. Its special feature is to offer hemiplegic patients an optimized, more stable revalidation solution. It was created by Geoffroy Dellicour, an Ottintois physiotherapist at CHN William Lennox….

– TV Com

The Wheeleo cane, the success of CHN William Lennox

It was recently awarded the “Coup de cœur du public” prize at the Walloon Innovations evening organized by Innovatech.

The teams at CHN William Lennox are dedicated to the rehabilitation of patients, both children and adults. A number of them are hemiplegic. For the latter, Geoffroy Dellicour, a physiotherapist at CHN William Lennox for 17 years, has developed an innovative revalidation tool: the Wheeleo. Scientific development and clinical validation were carried out by CHN William Lennox in collaboration with CHU UCL Namur (Prof. Thierry Deltombe) … as was the prospective, multicenter, randomized clinical study currently being published in an international journal.

– The specialist

Walloon innovations that do good

It has become a key event in the Walloon entrepreneurial landscape.
We’re talking about the annual “À la découverte des innovations wallonnes” trade show, the eighth edition of which was held on Thursday afternoon in Colfontaine (Mons region).

– La Libre

The "Coup de coeur du public des innovations wallonnes 2019" award

It’s called Wheeleo®️ and, with its four wheels, combines the advantages of a rollator and a cane.

– InnovaTech

Wheeleo reinvents the walking aid "cane

With its 4 castors, Wheeleo®️ is the only “cane” to offer constant support on the ground. Marketing is… underway.

– La Libre

Wheeleo®️, the rolling cane!

An ingenious Walloon invention to help hemiplegia patients regain their independence quickly: a “rolling cane”!

Geoffroy Dellicour is a physiotherapist in neurological rehabilitation at the William Lennox Neurological Hospital. His job? He works daily to revalidate his hemiplegic patients (paralysis of one or more parts of the body on one side). At the same time, he shares his knowledge as a technical advisor in the continuing education of young neuro-physiotherapists at UCL and Parnasse. His experience led to an idea to help his patients regain their independence more quickly: a “rolling cane”.

– Well Living Lab

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