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The walking aid designed for active seniors.

Discover how Wheeleo® improves your mobility as you age.

Active seniors

Staying active is a key part of aging. Regular physical activity, as well as frequent social activities, can help avoid the (mental) health problems associated with aging. The term “active” includes taking part in social activities and becoming more active by doing so, while enjoying protection, safety and care.

Fear of falling

As you age, many of the biological processes that stimulate muscle (re)generation become less efficient. Research shows that your maximum heart rate and oxygen levels decrease, affecting your ability to exercise and build muscle strength. Joints become stiffer and muscles less elastic, making it harder to maintain regular movement.

A unique solution

Mobility aids or walking devices are the most effective solutions for helping people maintain their stability while walking or performing other daily activities. They improve safety, independence and mobility, which translates into a better quality of life.

There are many different aids for the elderly on the market. The most common are canes, followed by walkers and crutches. They are available in a variety of sizes and options such as wheels or multiple feet, allowing you to choose something that promotes your stability.

As an active senior, you need to look for a mobility device that gives you the stability you need, and is compact and comfortable enough to take anywhere. Choosing a tool that guarantees stability often means compromising on flexibility and mobility. General-purpose walking aids are notorious for making you look frail or even disabled.

Wheeleo® allows you to maintain your active lifestyle by combining the benefits of different walking aids thanks to 4 unique features:

4 unique features.

Wheeleo® combines the advantages of a walker (with wheels) and a cane.


Enjoy the stability of a rollator, without compromising your freedom. You always have one hand free for your daily activities.

Continuous support

No need to lift the device, thanks to 4 wheels always in contact with the ground. Wheeleo® allows you to move with a continuous flow. Endless support, without you even realizing it.

Elegant design

No stigmatization. Wheeleo® isn’t just a tool for the elderly. It’s simply a new-generation walking aid. Thanks to its compact design, you can take the Wheeleo® wherever you go.

No brakes

Wheeleo® offers safety in stable and unstable moments. Risk of falling? Considerably weak. The absence of brakes makes for smooth running.

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