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Dynamic and passionate, Geoffroy, a physiotherapist by training, is the brains behind Wheeleo®. Drawing on his clinical expertise and his desire to innovate, he designed this revolutionary tool to meet the needs of his patients. The Wheeleo®, the fruit of his hard work and determination, embodies his commitment to improving mobility and well-being for all.

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The Wheeleo® concept was born in a neurological rehabilitation center(CHN William Lennox) for patients struggling with neurological disorders such as stroke, head trauma, epilepsy or cognitive developmental dysfunctions.

Having helped many patients get back on their feet, physiotherapist Geoffroy Dellicour has found that the rehabilitation process can be improved. He created the first prototype of the Wheeleo® with the main aim of helping (semi-)paralyzed patients to walk again. The ability to receive continuous support using just one hand was a unique and unprecedented feature.

It soon became apparent that a walking device like the Wheeleo® also facilitates the mobility of other patients, freeing up one hand to perform daily activities safely and securely.

As other healthcare professionals began to integrate Wheeleo® into their treatment plans, demand for Wheeleo® grew exponentially, and Geoffroy decided to iterate on Wheeleo®’s design and functionality.

Wheeleo® is the result of an extensive iteration process aimed at combining the benefits of different walking aids into a high-quality, next-generation mobility device that is functional, safe to use and elegant. Enjoy your life, discover Wheeleo®.

Wheeleo®, a walking aid with a social impact.

By using and purchasing a Wheeleo®, you not only give the user independence, but also provide employment for a disabled person, thanks to our partnership with the “Entreprise de Travail Adapté”.


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Starting with preliminary trials with one patient, we progressed to tests with several patients, also involving various physiotherapists. This phase then evolved into the launch of a clinical study to objectivize the effects of Wheeleo®. After 1.5 years of hard work reworking the concept, Geoffroy transformed it into a Class 1 medical device, Wheeleo®️, guaranteeing safety and efficacy.
Market launch
May 25, 2018 - CE mark obtained. First B2B2C sales.
Wheeleo®️ V2
Wheeleo®️ has been upgraded to version 2. The Wheeleo®️ is now equipped with 100mm castors.
Company formation
InnoRehab was created by Geoffroy & Gregory
New countries
Deployment in 2024 of Wheeleo®️ in new countries including Scandinavia, the USA and Canada.
All the world!

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Our ambition is to become a reference in terms of walking aids, and we want Wheeleo®️ to be in the hands of as many people as possible throughout the world.

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