Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals

Find out how Wheeleo®️ has become an indispensable tool in the healthcare professional’s toolbox. Improve your patients’ rehabilitation while promoting their comfort, autonomy and safety.

Explore our dedicated page for healthcare professionals to discover how to integrate Wheeleo®️ into your practice and offer your patients an optimized rehabilitation experience.

"Helping your patient": video testimonial

Testimonial from a rehabilitation center in Denmark (Vejlefjord Rehabilitering)

Testimonials from patients and therapists at the Rehazenter (LU)

Clinical studies

"Gait improvement in hemiparetic adults using a rolling cane: A crossover trial"

Thierry Deltombe, MD, Mie Leeuwerck, PT, Jacques Jamart, MD, Anne Frederick, MD and Geoffroy Dellicour, PT

Results: The use of a rolling cane improved the following results: walking speed in a 10-metre walking test at comfortable speeds (+22%: p < 0.001) and maximum (+30%: p < 0.001); walking speed (+50%: p < 0.001) and distance (+49%: p < 0.001) in a 6-minute walk test; and the frequency of two-step walking. The physiological cost index, perceived effort and number of therapist interventions to control balance remained unchanged. Participant satisfaction has improved.

Conclusion: Wheeleo®, a rolling cane, increases walking speed in adults with hemiparesis, with no additional risk of falls.

"Gait analysis of adult hemiparetic patients with a quadripod cane and a rolling cane."

Bérengère Maillard, Mohamed Boutaayamou, Helena Cassol, Laurence Pirnay and Jean-François Kaux

Results: Speed improved by 35% at comfortable speed and 38% at fast speed. According to our results, these differences are linked to (1) a decrease in the duration of the stance phase of the affected leg, (2) a decrease in the duration of the double stance and (3) an increase in cadence.

Link: https: //

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Explore Wheeleo® indications: Towards optimal mobility

In this section, discover the indications for Wheeleo®, to find out how this innovative tool can meet a variety of rehabilitation and mobility needs. Explore the different situations in which Wheeleo® can offer an effective, tailored solution to help your patient.


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