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Luxury cane: how to continue walking with elegance?


The cane has always enabled people to continue walking. Depending on the era and social background, the cane has taken on modest or sophisticated appearances. In some cases, it has become a veritable luxury cane, to reflect the image or status of its user. But whatever form it takes, even today its primary function has always been the same: to help people continue to walk… and why not with elegance?

Luxury cane or ordinary cane?

To each his own. For some, this functional mobility aid must above all be practical and reliable. But these are not the days of the simple walking stick. And there’s no longer any question, for men or women, of simply relying on an umbrella (even a folding one or one adorned with a Fayet cane) to avoid sacrificing their image by using a wooden walking stick. Others have long since opted for the luxury cane. In certain eras, the luxury cane was part of the look and/or social status. Just look at the success of certain luxury rods. Who hasn’t seen a silver Milord, noble wooden canes with copper or silver knobs, a Fayet cane or luxury walking sticks with sumptuous chased handles or set with precious stones? While cane has left its mark on history over the centuries, luxury cane reached its apogee in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It first replaced the gentleman’s sword and quickly became part of the dress code of the wealthy and bourgeois. Made from a wide range of materials: ivory, rhinoceros horn, noble or exotic woods, the luxury cane has been the object of inordinate artistic inspiration to enable everyone to stand out from the crowd. The luxury cane has long been an elegant way for its owner to assert his power and might. But its decline began in the mid-20th century with the advent of the faster pace of modern life.

Luxury cane today

Of course, times have changed! The luxury walking cane has all but disappeared from everyday life. Indeed, it has become rare to come across a man or woman with such an elegant cane. Does this mean that elegance has disappeared in the 21st century? Certainly not! Its definition and criteria of expression have probably changed. But it’s still possible today to have an elegant walking aid without sacrificing performance.

Walking with elegance

What does this mean in a world where technology is presented as the ultimate luxury? It’s true that walking aids have benefited greatly from technological advances over the last few decades: aluminum frames, carbon fiber, 360° freewheels, folding versions, and a wide range of accessories (basket, net, etc.).

Today’s walking sticks and other mobility aids are far more effective than the wooden canes of yesteryear. But most walking aids are not very aesthetic and break with a certain idea of elegance. Fortunately, some models are stubbornly determined to combine performance and elegance, much to the delight of users looking to preserve their looks. So you can stay “in” by using a modern walking cane with an elegant design. What if this is what luxury cane is all about in the 21st century?

Choose an elegant model

Choosing an elegant walking cane means accepting to use a high-quality, high-performance accessory, without sacrificing its appearance. The design of this walking cane is therefore very important. It must be able to match the user’s personal style. Also, the materials used to manufacture this accessory, the degree of finish, the adjustable heights, the choice of elegant colors (black, gray, white, etc.) and the luxurious details all come into play.

For the man or woman who wants to continue to walk with elegance, it’s essential that the luxury cane matches his or her everyday outfit. The choice of shape and color is very important and should not be left to chance.

Luxury also means ease of use and build quality! The walking cane you choose should be made from high-quality materials and offer an overall aesthetic, practical and positive experience. The style of the ergonomic handle is also important. It must offer both comfort and elegance. And when the proposed handle keeps one hand free, elegance is preserved. The accessories that can be proposed must also match the overall style of the ensemble: accessory and person. Finally, personalization is also synonymous with luxury and elegance. Being able to engrave your initials on your walking stick or choose the color can also make it a unique luxury item and contribute to its elegance.

Walking posture and elegance

To keep walking gracefully, a luxury walking cane must also maintain good posture when walking alongside it. Height-adjustable, it must provide confidence and self-assurance to enhance the overall elegant effect. Confidence is the ultimate key to walking naturally and elegantly.

Choosing a lightweight walking cane with castors that leaves one hand free is the best way to guarantee smoother walking and stable, reliable support in all circumstances, while preserving elegance. The best way is to practice walking with your walking stick, to gain flexibility, control, fluidity… and elegance.

Finally, there’s no elegance without a personal touch. So don’t hesitate to cultivate your appearance by accessorizing your luxury cane with such elegant elements as a hat, gloves, scarf or scarf.

All that’s left is to find the luxury cane that best suits your style and personality. If its primary mission is to support you physically, make sure it also gives you the mental support you need to feel good about yourself with this new life companion.

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