Why use a quadripod cane with wheels?

Until now, all four-legged rods have looked the same, but now there’s one that stands out from the crowd: the Wheeleo®. It’s the first quadripod cane with wheels!

As its name suggests, a quadripod cane is a walking aid that rests on 4 legs. This gives it great stability compared with other types of medical equipment or walking sticks that have only three supports, such as tripod canes (very popular in France) or a single support, such as aesthetic walking sticks or the English cane, better known as a crutch.

A quadripod cane is particularly suitable for people with severe balance problems or with lower-limb problems, who need to use their cane and arm for maximum support when moving around.

And when equipped with castors, like the Wheeleo®, the quadripod cane becomes an invaluable aid that you won’t want to do without!

The first quadripod cane with wheels

So why offer a quadripod cane with wheels? Won’t this compromise the stability of such an accessory? That’s certainly the first reaction of most of us! But rest assured, you’ll see that this is not the case. We explain why in detail.

First asset

Did you know that with the Wheeleo® wheeled quadripod cane, walking is less tiring? Indeed, she keeps a constant support, a bit like having a ramp permanently at her side. The rolling cane accompanies the walking movement, without having to be lifted at every step, making walking smoother and a serious advantage. This quadripod cane with castors offers continuous assistance to the person using it, making it much more comfortable for them and their loved ones too.

In short, the Wheeleo® wheeled quadripod cane enables you to walk smoothly and safely.

Second trump card

Do you realize that with the Wheeleo® quadripod cane on wheels, you never have to find a support (a piece of furniture, a wall, etc.) to put your cane down, or pick it up from the ground? Compared with quadripod canes without castors, the Wheeleo® also has the advantage of always being in the right place close to its user. It’s the cane that adapts to the person, not the other way around – and that’s something new!

Third trump card

Don’t you think that with the Wheeleo® quadripod cane on wheels, it’s much easier to sport a contemporary look while preserving your independence and mobility? People who use it no longer systematically need to ask someone for help. Having a Wheeleo® as your constant companion is, after all, safe and reassuring for those around you too. It’s a life-changing experience, too!

Wheeleo®: to try it is to adopt it

This first quadripod cane with wheels is a real innovation. It can change the daily lives of many people, making their lives safer, more comfortable and more independent. This new-generation device was imagined by healthcare professionals, who are confronted on a daily basis with the difficulties of elderly, injured or disabled patients. That’s why it’s been designed to meet a wide range of needs, adapting perfectly to every situation.

Easy to adjust in height (between 77.5cm and 101.5cm), lightweight, compact and maneuverable, this mobility aid can be taken anywhere (car, train, plane, etc.) and slipped nimbly into the home thanks to its 4 free-rolling 360° castors and minimal footprint. This walker needs no more than 34 cm to make its way, which leaves plenty of room to stand beside it to cross a corridor, take the elevator or go to the toilet.

Adjustable in height in just a few seconds, Wheeleo® also helps to :

  • relieve pain by lowering the height of the support (unloading)
  • reinforce balance by increasing the height of the support.

This ensures optimum mobility and ergonomics for all those who use this accessory to get around in their daily lives.

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