Is a 4-wheel rollator the right choice?

Choosing a walking aid is not that simple. There are so many different models and ranges! Between classic walkers, rollators with or without wheels, single, 3 or 4-legged canes, how do you find your way around? Perhaps the most important thing is to be able to identify the walking aid that best meets your needs.

To help you do just that, why not take a closer look at the benefits of a 4-wheel rollator, and more specifically at Wheeleo®, the new-generation 4-wheel rollator.

A 4-wheel rollator, but which one?

Walking aids can be divided into two main groups:

  • accessories without wheels, such as conventional walkers: these consist of a metal frame resting on static feet fitted with non-slip caps. These walking aids offer one or more points of support on the frame’s side bars, or on the ergonomic handles on the side bars. This type of device enables frail people to use their upper limbs to provide solid support for safe movement. Depending on the width and bulk of the walker, this type of walking aid can be used inside a home or institution, space permitting. This is a particularly important point to consider when choosing a walker. Few places offer enough space to handle this type of cumbersome equipment.
  • wheeled accessories such as rollators: these come in a wide variety of forms and can be fitted with 2, 3 or 4 wheels, depending on the model. Each has its own advantages and can easily be used for both indoor and outdoor travel. Thanks to their wheels, they offer a continuous support point, which differentiates them from conventional walkers.

Among these rollators, and 4-wheel rollators in particular, the Wheeleo® is a real plus with its attractive, space-saving frame and excellent maneuverability. He’s really not like the others!

Wheeleo®: the 4-wheel rollator with a difference

The Wheeleo® is both an attractive and stable walking aid and, above all, a remarkably practical mobility device for people who have difficulty getting around in their daily lives. Between their bed and the bathroom, between their armchair and the kitchen, between their bedroom and the toilet, or wherever they want to go – to a restaurant, on a trip, and so on. The Wheeleo ® is a 4-wheeled rollator that gives you plenty of freedom .

Its seductive assets?

– its contemporary look is currently available in 3 colors (white, blue, black)

– it has 4 360° freewheels, making it particularly easy to handle

– low weight (3.4kg), making it a lightweight companion that’s easy to take anywhere

– it can be used with just one hand, allowing greater autonomy of movement

– it offers comfort and safety and stays by your side … making it particularly pleasant to use.

– freedom of movement and travel

Its mobility and practicality?

– it’s slim and unobtrusive, and fits in anywhere in the home, whether it’s a bedroom, WC, bathroom, shower, hallway, etc.

– it’s easy to handle, making it simple to transfer from sitting to standing, whether from a chair, an armchair or the toilet

– it allows you to stand up to receive care, use a kitchen utensil or make a phone call

– a pleasant, safe handle

– height-adjustable

– it allows you to walk smoothly

At first glance, it looks like a four-wheeled cane, but it works like a 4-wheeled rollator, which makes all the difference! In fact, the Wheeleo® has it all!


Take needs, challenges and disabilities into account.

People looking for mobility aids have different needs and lifestyles. If you live alone, you need to be able to get around easily with your rollator. Can she feel safe? Does the rollator really help? How much autonomy will he have with the rollator he’s chosen? Will she be able to take it anywhere and everywhere?

Take a close look at the handle(s)

They must be comfortable, and not overtax muscles or joints. Take into account the physical condition of the person who will be using the 4-wheel rollator, and pay particular attention to the elderly.

Give priority to safety and balance.

A 4-wheeled rollator like the Wheeleo® is extremely stable thanks to its four points of support on the ground.

Try out the devices you’re thinking about

Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice to make the right choice. Ask to test the different options available to make the best choice for you or the future user. The aim is to offer safety and preserve or improve the quality of life of the person who will be using this walking aid.

Do you think Wheeleo® could be a good choice? Discover its advantages in 12 points:

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