Wheeleo®, indications


Introduction :

Wheeleo®, a one-handed walker, transcends the limits of traditional mobility aids. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the indications for Wheeleo® and how it can meet the varied needs of users.

Definition and Functionality :

In descriptive terms, the Wheeleo® is an innovative one-handed walker, combining the stability of a four-wheel rollator with the practicality of a cane.

Why choose Wheeleo®?

Switching from a walking frame to a rollator improves fluidity, stability and comfort when moving around. Wheeleo® is part of this evolution, offering constant support on the ground for smoother walking.

Wheeleo® indications:

When only one hand is functional:

Upper limb paralysis(hemiplegia, trauma, TC, MS, etc.)
Upper limb amputation
Arms in plaster
Using an arm to carry or handle an object (coffee cup, etc.) Wheeleo® provides constant support on the ground, guaranteeing stability, comfort, safety and fluidity of movement.

In confined spaces:

When handling a rollator becomes complicated due to lack of space.
Handles like a cane, but with the constant support of a rollator.

For visually impaired people with reduced mobility:

Coordination between a white cane and a classic cane becomes difficult.
Wheeleo® requires no special attention, making it compatible with the use of a white cane.

In transition between rollator and classic cane:

Ideal for situations where a rollator offers too much assistance and a conventional cane too little.
Perfect for geriatrics, orthopedics, neurology, etc., promoting smooth gait.

For those who need support :

Replaces the need for “arm-over-arm” support, providing constant support for safe walking.

In case of difficulties in coordinating walking :

Suitable for people with illnesses such as Parkinson’s, dementia, etc.
Enables two-step walking with greater symmetry, larger steps and increased speed, while maintaining stability and comfort.


Although Wheeleo® is not universally applicable, an individualized assessment is essential to avoid the risk of falls. Do you have a unique experience with the Wheeleo® in other situations? Share your Wheeleo® tips with us!

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