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The narrow walker – the solution for tight spaces


The narrow walker is designed to facilitate walking and transfers indoors. The user expects this walking aid to be stable, light, compact, maneuverable thanks to its wheels, and small in width. The narrow walker generally has a sleeker, narrower design than conventional walkers or rollators.

These are precisely the features offered by the Wheeleo® narrow walker.

Lightweight, compact and height-adjustable, this 4-wheeled walker with its contemporary design is ideal for getting around the house in the tightest spaces (WC, bathroom, corridors, etc.) or outdoors (in restaurants between tables and chairs, in stores, etc.).

When should you opt for a narrow walker?

The narrow 4-wheel walker is ideal for people who need space-saving medical walking aids. Whether it’s to ensure safe movement around the home or transfers in everyday life. The narrow walker or rollator is an accessory designed for use in confined spaces. Most of these walkers or rollators feature a narrower frame and smaller wheels. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to compare these accessories with each other to choose the model best suited to your lifestyle, at home or in your place of residence: nursing home, institution, care home, rehabilitation center, etc.

The narrow walker: how to choose?

Homes are often small and narrow, making it difficult to get around with a walker. Doorways, corridors, cluttered spaces and the presence of chairs and furniture make it hard to get around inside. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the overall width of the equipment you’re choosing, and how much space it takes up. Especially during use. Wheel size and degree of rotation are important considerations. It is also important to ensure that the person can easily use this aid at home or in their living environment. So that it’s always at her disposal in her bedroom, next to her bed, near her shower, next to her armchair or booster seat, and so on.

The fact that it takes up little space or is foldable can also be very important. This type of device is designed to be stored or placed nearby when not in use.

Its maneuverability in confined spaces should not, however, detract from its primary function of providing stability and support for the user. The narrow walker is commonly used by people with reduced mobility or balance problems, such as the elderly or those recovering from surgery.

Many other people with reduced mobility – the disabled, the chronically ill, accident victims, hemiplegics, etc. – also want to be able to use their 4-wheeled device to get around easily: by streetcar, bus, car, train or plane. Just as they may want to use this type of aid to transfer between a bed and a wheelchair, for example, or to support themselves by using this equipment to enter narrow spaces, get out of a wheelchair or bed, etc., they may also want to be able to use it to help themselves. The size of the 4-wheel walker is therefore a particularly important factor to take into account when making your choice.

The 4-wheel walker is an ideal accessory for reassuring frail people when walking. It helps them feel more secure in all their daily activities at home. To make their bed, go to the bathroom or toilet, etc.

The Wheeleo® narrow walker

Wheeleo® is the new-generation narrow walker, distinguished by its design, light weight and ergonomic operation. Before you consider buying a walking aid for confined spaces, it’s a good idea to compare it with the Wheeleo®. Why?

Because :

  • is extremely compact and space-saving
  • is the lightest of all walkers, weighing only 3.4 kg
  • easy to store
  • stays upright when dropped
  • can be kept on hand close to the user
  • is easy to adjust in height
  • offers a comfortable universal handle
  • keeps one hand free (preserves autonomy)
  • guarantees maximum stability and safety in every application
  • has a clean, contemporary design
  • available in various colors
  • much appreciated by its users

Other advantages?

It’s practical and easy to use: just place it where the user needs it. The user can lean on it in complete safety and remain focused on his or her activity.

It’s flexible and fluid, and the fact that you can lean on it all the time puts less strain on your body. This provides fluidity and comfort when walking.

It helps people to maintain their mobility and energy: it makes walking easier, and helps them to take better, continuous steps, requiring less energy to move and walk.

It gives an elegant, up-to-date look thanks to its attractive, contemporary design.

It’s a pleasant, comfortable walking companion that offers safety and well-being in everyday life.

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