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Rent a Wheeleo®️

Renting is an excellent way to test before committing. This allows you to discover Wheeleo®️ and make sure it perfectly matches your needs and expectations.

Why rent a Wheeleo®️

The Wheeleo®️ is a new walking aid. It’s hard to know whether Wheeleo®️ is suitable for your walking difficulties without having tested it in a real-life situation.

How does it work?

We offer you the possibility of renting a Wheeleo®️ for 44€, in the color of your choice, for a period of 2 weeks. At the end of these two weeks, you must make a choice:

  • You want to keep Wheeleo®️ because it suits you and brings you significant benefits. We send you the invoice and refund the rental price.
  • For various reasons, you don’t want to keep Wheeleo®️. We will therefore arrange for the return of the item at no extra charge.

We have no doubt that this proposal will satisfy you.


We send the Wheeleo®️ in a crate by DPD carrier to one address. We deliver once a week. Deliveries leave on Tuesdays. Delivery charges will be added to the rental price (except Belgium).

Please unpack Wheeleo®️ carefully to keep the box in good condition for a possible return. Instructions for use are available here.


To return the Wheeleo®️ at the end of a rental, we send you a label to put on the original box. Follow the unpacking instructions in reverse order. The Wheeleo®️ must be securely fastened to prevent damage. Be sure to remove old delivery labels. Then drop the box off at a DPD relay point: 

BE: https: //

FR : 

Test the Wheeleo®

Please fill in this short form so that we can contact you to arrange a test.