Mr D., suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Mr DB has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for several years. This disease has a major impact on his statics and walking ability.

✨ Mr DB explains how Wheeleo®️ is the mobility aid that accompanies him everywhere he goes.
👉 With a high step frequency and low amplitude, it’s often quite complicated for the patient to coordinate the movements of a conventional cane (alternating supports).

📢 No matter how often he steps through the door, Mr DB never loses his grip on his Wheeleo®️. It helps 100% of the time and has no negative impact on running parameters.

Given the significant inclination of its trunk, Wheeleo®️ is always in the right place to help it stand upright.
He doesn’t get carried away by Wheeleo®️. It presses vertically on its Wheeleo®️ like other mobility aids. It is therefore very stable.

The Wheeleo®️ completes the range of mobility aids. As in this testimonial, it can be the most appropriate mobility aid.

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