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Welcome to our reseller map, your interactive gateway to a network of passionate partners ready to offer you an exceptional experience with our innovative product.

At Wheeleo®, we believe in the power of collaboration, and it’s with great enthusiasm that we share this dealer map to connect you with the local experts who are making our vision a reality in every corner of the world.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction is reflected in our meticulous choice of partners. Each dealer featured on this map has been carefully selected for their dedication to excellence and their ability to offer exceptional service to our diverse customer base.

Explore the interactive map to discover retailers near you, allowing you to touch and try the Wheeleo® before adopting it. These professionals are trained to answer your questions, guide you in your choices and ensure an informed and enjoyable shopping experience.

In short, this dealer map embodies our commitment to quality distribution and global accessibility. We’re delighted to invite you to explore this map, discover our partners and become part of the growing community that chooses Wheeleo® to enrich their daily lives.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Find your local dealer now and immerse yourself in the exceptional world of Wheeleo®.

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