What is a rollator?

A walker is a technical aid for walking that aims to give people who have difficulty getting around more independence. Equipped with castors, it’s easier to handle, doesn’t need to be lifted, and makes for smoother, faster walking. Rolling walkers offer many advantages, but are often criticized for being bulky and unwieldy, especially indoors.

Not so with Wheeleo®, the new-generation walker on wheels! More compact and easier to handle, it also leaves one hand free for greater autonomy.

In fact, there are walkers with wheels and walkers with wheels.

In the walker family, there are the classic walkers, which often take the form of a metal structure with 4 legs (walking frame, stand, etc.), covered with non-slip caps, which rest firmly on the ground and offer much greater stability than a cane. Some of these models are rigid, others are articulated or height-adjustable to better suit the user’s body size, and still others feature a two-tier structure to facilitate the transition from sitting to standing.

Over time, and as technology has evolved, walkers have been gradually transformed. Lighter walkers have appeared with the advent of aluminum frames. More maneuverable walkers with more ergonomic handles and small wheels have also emerged. This gave rise to the famous rolling walkers, with all their well-known variations and an impressive range of models: 2-wheeled walker, 3-wheeled rollator, 4-wheeled walker and a multitude of accessories – basket, seat, brake, folding model, in color, etc.

But the most innovative of all is undoubtedly the latest addition, the Wheeleo®, which has established itself as the most compact, most attractive, most maneuverable and most practical walker on wheels, since it allows you to keep one hand free! The perfect way to regain maximum independence in everyday life, safely and elegantly!

Wheeleo®: the practical, elegant walker on wheels!

The Wheeleo® is, without doubt, the most elegant of all wheeled walkers, with its contemporary look in a range of colors. But while elegance is one of its major assets, it’s far from the only one.


Wheeleo® is compact and lightweight

  • It’s easy to handle, especially at home and in tight spaces (restaurants, stores, corridors, toilets, bathrooms, etc.).
  • Take it anywhere, on the move or on the road
  • Fits easily into the trunk of a car
  • It is also easy to store in the trunk next to the cabin luggage.

Wheeleo® is practical

  • It remains fixed and upright when released close to you (to wash your hands, answer the phone, etc.).
  • It keeps one hand free, making everyday gestures easier (to open a door, pick up an object, make a meal, etc.).
  • It can be used with both left and right hands (ambidextrous) without changing the settings.
  • Wheeleo® takes up very little space
  • It takes up much less space than a conventional rollator.
  • It accompanies you wherever you go in the home (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.).

Wheeleo® is a safety aid

  • It provides continuous support on the ground
  • It is stable
  • Easy to handle
  • It must not be lifted
  • It doesn’t fall (unlike a cane)

Wheeleo® performs

The Wheeleo® looks good

  • It helps you walk without looking old.
  • Elegant and colorful
  • Available in 3 colors: White, Blue, Black

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